Whether you’re upgrading your car, trying to keep it on top condition, or looking for the right gear to take on the road, our auto experts steer you to the best car accessories, add-on electronics, and car-care products. From phone mounts and dash cams to tire inflators and bike racks, these are the items we’d choose for our own vehicles.

5 Tips to Help You Find a Good Garage

Finding a good, trustworthy garage that’ll charge you a fair price is crucial to keeping your car roadworthy and your bills in check. These tips will help you choose wisely.

How To Sell Your Car

Our top tips on getting the best price for your car. Plus we explain part exchange, classified ads, auctions and online car-buying services.

Petrol or Diesel? How to Choose

Should I buy a diesel, petrol or hybrid car in 2022? Our expert guide reveals which cars are the most economical and what you need to know about emissions

How To Safely Jumpstart Your Car

Jump starting a car with a flat battery using jump leads is really simple. Just follow our 10-step guide and you’ll be back on the road quickly – and safely

Car Headlights 101

We explain the different types of car headlight bulbs now on offer, from LEDs to xenon bulbs, and their benefits to help you choose

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