How fitness watches can help you keep up with your exercise routine

With the rise in obesity worldwide, maintaining a healthy fitness routine has become more important than ever before. Still, despite the increasing benefits of exercise, more than 80% of the adolescent population continues to remain physically inactive worldwide. Given that 1 in 4 adults fail to meet the recommended levels of physical activity, gadgets like fitness watches have been introduced to motivate one to remain sufficiently active. As a result, more and more people realize how fitness watches can help keep up with exercise routines.

Steering clear from the all-or-nothing attitude


Contrary to popular beliefs, engaging in physical activities doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours at the gym forcing yourself into monotonous exercise routines if you don’t feel like it. The purpose of exercising is to experience physical and emotional benefits from stretching and moving around doing workouts that you enjoy. Even if you go for a 20-minute walk exercise thrice a week at the gym, adding a modest amount of physical activity to your daily routine is far better than calling it quits after just a few days of exercising.

What are fitness trackers or watches?


Fitness trackers can be best described as devices in the shape of a wristwatch or a wristband. They are mounted with in-built sensors carefully designed to track your body movements, rotation and orientation. As a result, the sensors collect data and maintain a record of the activities, steps taken, calories consumed, and even hours slept throughout the day. 



Many fitness watches can help keep up with exercise routines through their built-in alarm to remind us about the number of physical activities one needs to complete throughout the day, steps left to be completed, or even how many calories one has burnt. The device offers solutions to individuals interested in working toward specific health and fitness goals. Today some of the most widely recognized fitness watches include:

vívomove® Sport

FitBit® By Google

Apple Fitness +® 

COROS Pace 2® 

HUAWEI Band 3®

How can fitness watches help keep up with exercise routines?


While it’s true that fitness watches can help keep up with exercise routines, choosing one largely depends on the tradeoff between which features are important to you compared to the amount you are willing to spend on it. However, before you jump into making a decision, let’s consider some of the key benefits of using a fitness watch and how it aids in your exercise routine.

Help you set realistic goals and milestones


Most fitness watches in the market today come with pre-installed workout tips, techniques and goals that one can easily incorporate into their fast-paced daily lives. For instance, if you are training to run for a marathon but haven’t run for more than 100 miles in the past year, the fitness watch will help you set individual milestones while steadily raising the bar and helping you reach your goal. 

Assist in fighting obesity


Another great way fitness watches can help keep up with exercise routines, especially if losing weight is your key priority is through its various pre-installed features. Keeping you up to date with the number of calories you have lost per day, monitoring your heartbeat, and even recording how close you are to reaching your next weight loss milestone can all be done with a simple fitness watch. 

The importance of staying hydrated


We have all heard about the benefits of keeping ourselves hydrated throughout the day. Without enough water or electrolytes, your mind and body would not have the energy to function properly. Cutting back on how many calories you eat may be an easy way to shed unwanted pounds, but at the end of the day, you may be starving yourself of those essential electrolytes your body needs; which will manifest into low energy levels—because of this, drinking an adequate amount of water per day is a key component to successful weight and energy management. 


Luckily one of many benefits of a fitness watch is to maintain a record of our water intake and remind us from time to time to stay hydrated. 

Helping you reap the benefits of shorter workouts


Did you know that many fitness watches also consist of pre-programmed short-interval workouts? It’s true! Fitness watches can help keep up with exercise routines by sharing their pre-recorded tutorials lasting no more than ten minutes a day and monitoring and tracking your performance to encourage you to keep up with your physical activities and exercise routines. 

Allows you to stay motivated


While it’s true that we all have good and bad days, on our good days, we might surpass our planned exercise routine milestone, but all it takes is one bad day to get you off track.

A fitness watch comes packed with regular reminders and motivational tips to help you stay focused on the end results and get through the tough days.

Furthermore, most fitness watches also let you share your progress with your friends on social media and even create workout groups them, thus motivating you to keep up with exercise routines.


In conclusion 

Studies show that by keeping track of your activities is a great way to ensure that you don’t fall off the path and continue to stick to it. Keeping that in mind fitness watches are designed to act as your personal self-tracking tool by keeping track of your health, sleep, calorie intake and even exercise routines in real time. 


By doing so, it helps in bringing you one step closer towards enjoying better health while staying fit. However, before you start using a fitness watch to help keep up with exercise routines it is best to consult with your physician and follow his recommendation. Good luck! 

Valerie Young

Valerie Young

Valerie Young writes for Find Compare and is a writer and editor in London.

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