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We’ve rounded up the best gear to help you build out your office or improve your existing setup. To be more comfortable, productive, and prepared, check out our selections for office supplies, small hardware, and software. And for comfort and ergonomics, we have furniture picks for both standing and sitting work styles.

Learning New Skills Faster

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a new skill to learn.
When are you most likely to persevere in your attempt to learn a new skill?

Steps To Learn Any Language

Matthew Youlden speaks nine languages fluently and understands over a dozen more. He’s constantly switching from language to language like a chameleon changing colors.

Tips For Studying Smarter, Not Longer

As a teen, Faria Sana often highlighted books with markers. “The colors were supposed to tell me different things.” Later, she recalls, “I had no idea what those highlighted texts were supposed to mean.”

These Are The Best Apps To Help Your Learning

Find out what to look for when choosing a study tool app to boost your productivity, time management, and performance.
With rapid developments in technology over the past few years, there is an abundance of apps that you can use to improve your studying experience.

Balancing Being a Pet Parent With Working From Home

More people are working from home than ever. Remote work was already on the rise, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused its popularity to skyrocket. While some people have returned to offices and small businesses across the country, many have continued working from home – either for themselves or for their previous companies.

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