Traveling well is one of life’s great pleasures, whether you’re alone or with family and friends. But what does it mean to travel well? When it comes to gear, it means packing as few bags as possible and bringing only the necessities. Different trips have different needs, which is why we have recommendations for business trips, family vacations, European backpacking trips, and everything in between.

Apps that will help you sleep better

Getting eight hours of sleep every night is important for every individual. While smartphones may be notorious for the plethora of apps and games that lead to the destruction of sleeping patterns, the introduction of sleeping apps that will help you sleep better is undeniably one of the best things smartphones have done for us.

Four Beautiful Walks in London

Being a frequent traveler, I can tell from experience that there’s nothing more refreshing than going for a stroll in the park after a tiring day filled with adventure and thrill. From breathing fresh air into your lungs to being completely mesmerized by surreal yet serene surroundings around you, ending your day being caught up by some of Mother Nature’s finest pieces of art is definitely worth your while.

How to find the cheapest flights on Google Flights

Did you know that Google, the Goliath of search engines, also ranks as one of the leading sources in finding you the cheapest flights worldwide? Instead of booking through other online travel agencies that charge an exorbitant commission for handling flight and hotel reservations, you can cut out the middleman and learn how to find cheapest flights on Google flights.

Top tips to avoid vacation weight gain

Did you know that almost 60% of vacationers end up gaining weight and falling prey to creeping obesity every year? Let’s face it! Vacation is the time to indulge.

The Best Bug Repellents

Everyone should avoid bug bites, which are annoying at best and debilitating (or even lethal) in worst-case scenarios. For a bug repellent that’s safe and effective

Campfire Safety Tips

An average of 7.5 million acres of forest are impacted by wildfires each year. And almost 85% of wildfires are caused by humans.

These statistics may look pretty bleak, but the good news is that it means most of the fire damage done to our forests each year can be prevented. With a little extra prep, attentiveness, and care, we can all make a large impact on the future of our natural spaces. In this article we’ll outline how to safely enjoy a fire outdoors.

Common Tanning Mistakes To Avoid

Sunscreen is an essential part of staying safe in the sun, and with temperatures soaring it’s worth refreshing your skin protection know-how. The risk of sunburn are real and well-documented. According to Cancer Research UK, 86% of UK melanoma skin cancer cases are preventable.

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