How to find the cheapest flights on Google Flights

Did you know that Google, the Goliath of search engines, also ranks as one of the leading sources in finding you the cheapest flights worldwide? Instead of booking through other online travel agencies that charge an exorbitant commission for handling flight and hotel reservations, you can cut out the middleman and learn how to find cheapest flights on Google flights

So, what really are Google Flights?


To put it simply, Google flights is a Meta search engine tool. It allows users and potential travelers to help pull up different flight schedules and itineraries so that you can pick and choose a flying experience that meets all your expectations. Despite the everything being increasingly digitalized, many people are unaware of all of Google Flight’s potential. Hence they end up missing out on various deals that could help them in flight planning and save them both time and money. Some of the key areas where Google flights can help you include:



  • Select how many stops you are willing to make on your trip.
  • Setting the maximum price you are willing to pay for your flight
  • Identify flights that fit your planned arrival and departure time or alternatives that work best for you.
  • Details regarding baggage, carry-on bags and budget carriers
  • Choosing between destinations based on the deals being offered during a particular time of the year
  • Information regarding airports and connecting airports
  • Setting the maximum time you are willing to spend on a plane
  • Comparison charts in terms of fares of different airlines, time of the year and even seating assignment

Benefits of learning how to choose flights on Google Flights


Flexibility to choose between the pricing calendar versus the Date Grid option 

If you are a price-conscious traveler with a flexible schedule, finding the cheapest flights through Google flights is probably your best bet. Simply plug in the dates and click to find the cheapest fares by day. In doing so, you can use the calendar view, which allows you to extend or shrink the most suitable date through trial and error, or you can just opt for the Date Grid option, which presents various combinations of the availability of the cheapest flights in a matrix format.


Take some time to go back and forth and check for dates and choose one that best resonates with what you had in mind while at the same time being easy on your pocket. 

The importance of setting up fare alerts 

Another great alternative to learning how to find the cheapest flights on Google flights is by setting up fare alerts. Once you enter your selected route, Google Flights automatically pulls down the various combinations of trending fares on your laptop screens. Additionally, by setting up alerts, Google automatically emails you whenever there is a significant drop in the cost of fares or if any promotional deals are being offered for your chosen destination.

Adding stops helps!

Did you know that non-stop flights are more expensive than those with one or two stops in between? Keeping that in mind, another great hack for travelers, especially those whose trip isn’t time sensitive, is to add a stop or two before reaching the planned destination.



Doing so can significantly reduce your overall travel fare and utilize the saved money on more important things like shopping or sightseeing. So the next time you plan your trip, try choosing one with at least one or two stops to stay at the bottom of the barrel fare.

Focusing on airlines instead of location

Many of the major cities now have more than one airport. So, if you a flying out to a city with multiple airports, try to look into both fares. While choosing the most popular airport may be your first choice, did you know that smaller airports tend to be more price-friendly? For instance, if you plan to go to London, then London has the London Heathrow Airport and London City Airport. While London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, the airplane fares for flights landing at London Heathrow Airport are equally expensive. 



So try researching a bit and opt for airports that have flights with cheaper airfare, like the London City Airport. Another great alternative to save money is to fly to the nearest city and then take a train from there. Luckily, Google flights consider all these factors and even provides a list of airlines offering fare flexibility.

Keeping up with airline miles and points

Being frequent flyers, many of us don’t always focus on choosing the cheapest flight with Google flights and end up chasing points or miles or prefer certain airlines over another. If this is the case with you, then luckily, Google has you covered for that as well. Now Google Flights allow you to filter airlines based on the airline brand or alliance.


While this method to book your next flight may not be the most cost-effective method or result in the best savings, it works perfectly well for travelers who prefer loyalty over the cost of the fare.

Some limitations of Google Flights

  • Learning how to find the cheapest flights on Google flights can prove to be quite fruitful, given their unparalleled features and functions. However, it does have a few limitations as well. Some of these include:
  • Since Google Flights rely on airfare listings directly from the airlines themselves without the involvement of any middleman, there are times when you can find cheaper alternatives with online travel agencies who end up cutting deals with carriers, thus listing heavily discounted deals and flights.
  • While Google’s preset algorithms are constantly updating the flight inventory and its availability, there are times when you may come across outdated pricing or face a higher price tag than what you originally clicked on Google.
  • Another key limitation to finding cheap flights on Google flights is that while a vast majority of airlines are available on Google Flights to choose from, there are a handful of airlines that do not list themselves there.

In conclusion

While learning how to find cheapest flights on Google flights may require a little practice, once you get the hang of this robust tool, there’s no going back. Being an industry leader search engine, Google has proven itself by constantly exceeding our expectations, so why should Google flights be any different? It is leaps and bounds better than any other flight searching tool. So the next time you plan to travel, try using Google flights to avail the best deals and a wide array of features to choose from. Bon Voyage!

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